Rhinoplasty - What to Expect

The major concerns people have about rhinoplasty is the fear of pain in their face after surgery and the restrictions, the swelling and the breathing issues afterwards.


Pain in any surgical procedure is most severe in the first 24 to 48 hours. Dr. Makhlouf uses a long acting anesthetic and the office has never renewed pain medication after the original 18 pills that are given. Many patients use the pain pills for only a day.


The next issue is the issue of swelling bruising return to work and breathing after surgery. Bruising will only occur if the surgery entailed an osteotomy (a bone fracture) to narrow the nose. Many times only rasping of the bone is needed and the bruising is therefore minimal. If there is any bruising, within 2 to 3 weeks is all it is all gone.
As to the breathing concerns, at the end of the surgical procedure a packing with a tube that allow airflow through the nose is placed to bring back the lining of the nose to its original place. This is removed at two days. Sutures and splint are removed within one week.

What are the restrictions after surgery and return to work and to sport activities?


Showers can be taken the day after surgery provided heavy wetting of the nose is avoided. It is recommended for the patient to sleep on their back with the head supported by pillows, which avoids displacement of the splint and allows proper breathing. Within a week all the sutures are removed and the splint is removed, therefore patients can return to work at one week unless they have a heavy labor job that involves lifting and putting pressure in the face.


Bleeding has occurred up to three weeks after surgery and therefore early on minimal physical activity is allowed. After one week patients can go back to brisk walking, do some leg exercises, limited bicycling, etc. Restrictions are lifted after three weeks except for contact sport that should be avoided for two months.


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