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How Does a Tummy Tuck Actually Work?

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Have you been trying to get rid of that extra skin that’s sagging, perhaps after giving birth to children? Or, have you successfully lost a significant amount of weight?  In either case, congratulations!


Unfortunately, it’s quite possible that, although you work out, you may never be able to tighten what’s been undone.


Childbirth often leads to little skin laxity, muscle laxity, as well as some extra unwanted fat. If you only have a slight amount of laxity, perhaps a mini tummy tuck is sufficient for you. The incision is smaller, however the amount of abdominal tightening is minimal, as well. With the mini tummy tuck, only the lower abdomen’s extra skin is reduced.


With a full tummy tuck procedure, the full abdomen is under consideration. The incision is made at the pubic hair line. The scar is from hipbone to hipbone, and well concealed within the bikini lines. The loose hanging skin would be removed and if necessary, liposuction would occur. However, Dr. Makhlouf believes that the muscle repair is the foundation of the abdominal reconstruction and the shaping of the waist.

Dr. Makhlouf has mastered the art of enhancing one’s figure in this manner. In order to enhance the waist during a tummy tuck, he uses 3 layers of special sutures that repair the muscle weakness in both the vertical and horizontal directions.


Dr. Makhlouf has been performing tummy tucks for patients in the Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Glenview, and surrounding Chicagoland area for over 30 years, and has earned numerous awards for innovation and patient satisfaction. Read some of his patient testimonials HERE!


His techniques have been featured in national publications and scientific journals, including the prestigious Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, recognized as the leading authority in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


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