Buttock Augmentation


Buttock Augmentation Procedure

Buttocks augmentation refers to a diverse number of aesthetic procedures all aimed at adding volume to the buttocks to provide increased contour and appealing shape and size. Achieving more curvaceous, youthful, firmer, and attractive buttocks.

Buttocks Augmentation is considered a body contouring procedure. Accordingly, Dr. Makhlouf will evaluate the patient by looking at the buttocks themselves as well as evaluating it in relation to other parts of the body namely the thighs, the waist, the back, and the abdomen.

Evaluating the buttocks involves looking at areas of contour depression and contour excess as well as looking at the overall proportion and shape. Is the butt elongated? Is it square? Is it round? What is the overall width at the level of the hip bone and compare it to the width of the body at the level of the buttock fold. If the width at the hip is greater than the width and the bottom for the buttock will have an overall V-shaped. If it is the reverse then it will be an A shape.

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Once the evaluation is completed, the next question that needs to be answered is whether we need to remove the excess fat from the waist or hips? Or perhaps does the correction requires adding some of the fat harvested to the deflated areas or the areas that are appear too small. If the decision is that an overall augmentation is needed  then the question is: do we have enough donor areas of fat to fulfill that requirement. If the amount of fat available is not sufficient then an implant will be needed to solve the problem.

As mentioned earlier, once we have established a plan for the buttocks we need to answer whether the waist, the lower back, or thighs needs to be suctioned in order to complete the correction.

During the consultation, patients will have the opportunity to try sizers with special underwear to mimic the volume of correction desired. This in turn will give us the volume that needs to be added, from that we will estimate how much needs to be harvested (taking into account that the survival rate is 60%). And lastly, we need to answer where is this fat going to come from.


Buttock Augmentation Surgery Options


Brazilian Butt Lift

Women who want an increase in size, and have large stores of fat available elsewhere in the body, may be good candidates for buttock augmentation with fat transfer, also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. It is important to know that not all fat survives the process. After assessing the fat available and the amount needed to get a good result, Dr. Makhlouf will give you his honest opinion about whether this route is a viable option for you.


Silicone Implants

Dr. Makhlouf also performs buttock augmentation with silicone implants, which are made of a soft solid material. As a result, the buttocks feel natural and the procedure is performed through a very safe approach. He has designed and patented his own instruments that allow him to use larger implants than most other plastic surgeons.  This strategy has the advantage of giving patients more extensive and accentuated curves. The procedure is done with two midline incisions one for the right and one for the left check. General anesthesia is used, one drain is placed in each side, and removed by one week.


Fat Transfer

If you and Dr. Makhlouf have decided that fat transfer is the right approach, he will carefully harvest the fat, usually from the thighs or abdomen. After processing the fat, it is injected into the buttocks in small amounts.  This allows the surrounding tissues to nourish the new fat. He will then “over graft” to ensure that enough fat ultimately survives.

Advantages of Surgery with Dr. Makhlouf

When the approach to surgery is with implants, Dr. Makhlouf’s special instruments allow him to see the target area and maneuver effectively even though the incisions are small and the buttocks are curved. The instruments have high power lighting and smoke suctioning, this makes him capable of placing implants up to 500 ccs in size. The results are pleasing in projection and symmetry.

Post-Operative Care

Whether you choose fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) or implants, you can expect moderate soreness the first few days after the procedure. Pain medications will be available to help you when needed. We will also make sure that you have the compression garment to assist you in your healing process. You will be given a special pillow to be placed under your lower back to avoid pressure on the buttocks. You will be instructed about taping the checks together to avoid any damage to the incisions.

Most patients also notice slight swelling and bruising after surgery. These will resolve on their own over time; you can help your recovery by following Dr. Makhlouf’s instructions, making sure the drains are working properly, elevating the surgical area with the help of the pillow, taking time off of work and avoiding strenuous activities.

It may take several weeks before everything feels normal, so be patient. As long as you follow the instructions, you can look forward to long-lasting results.

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