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Facial balance and harmony

Facial balance and harmony are important elements of attractiveness when people interact with each other. While individuals tend to notice small details in their facial features, others often make decisions about attractiveness based on a more global view of the individual. This subconscious process involves evaluating the balance between the various segments of the face, such as the right and left sides and the relationship between the nose, forehead, and chin. The nose alone cannot be responsible for balance in the face, and in fact, the size of the chin is often more important than the size of the nose, particularly in men. A strong and well-defined chin can suggest confidence and an ability to take charge.

Various methods for correcting facial profiles

There are various methods for correcting facial profiles, and sometimes it may be necessary to address maxillofacial concerns such as the relationship between the teeth, mandible, and chin. When the teeth and mandible are in an acceptable relationship, however, correcting the chin can often be the primary focus. In cases where augmentation is needed, two types of implants are commonly used: silicone implants and Medpore implants. Silicone implants are smooth and rely on scar tissue to hold them in place, while Medpore implants allow scar tissue to grow into the implant itself. Both types of implants can be successful, but in cases where a significant augmentation is required, a Medpore implant is generally recommended.

Implantation procedure involves

The implantation procedure involves a small skin incision that is well-hidden and should heal well. Although the procedure involves the use of a foreign material, the risk of bacterial contamination is low. Postoperative pain is usually manageable and requires little care. In recent years, temporary fillers have also been used to correct small chins, either as an alternative to permanent implants or to allow patients to visualize the potential results before committing to a surgical procedure.


If you are considering a chin augmentation, it is important to seek a consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced professional to discuss your options and determine the best approach for achieving your desired results.

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