Neck Lift

Neck Lift in Chicago

A neck lift is a procedure aimed at correcting the skin under the chin and jaw. It is done as part of a face lift or by itself. Frequently patients can accept deeper nasolabial folds, but when the neck skin is lax, has folds, or looks like a “turkey-neck” they demand correction.

A neck lift is frequently tailored to the laxity the patient has. When the laxity is severe an incision behind the ears, similar to a facelift approach, is done. There is a minimal extension of the incision in front of the earlobe and the lower ear. This allows a full exposure of the neck. The skin, and often the *Platysma muscle are pulled back. The excess skin is removed at the junction of the hair bearing skin between the scalp and the neck.

The beauty of the procedure is that it does not result in visible scars. For males, the skin folds around the mouth are usually associated with character, and a full-face lift is not always necessary. A neck lift allows a facial rejuvenation and a vigorous look without the giveaway of surgery.

I make a small incision under the chin where many of us have scars from falling down during childhood. The skin is separated from the muscle. The muscle’s edges are identified and tightened, any fat is removed and the skin and is re-draped over a firm muscle bed. Sometimes small counter incisions, behind the ears, complete the pull.

The sutures are self dissolving and within a few days the patient can go out in public with dramatic improvement.

*The Platysma is a muscle present between the deep structures of the neck like the nerves, carotid artery, trachea, etc. and the skin

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