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Thermi Skin Tightening

Not a single moment goes by without being told of a new technology to address beauty, the reversal of the aging process or the needs of baby boomers.  There is a radio frequency technology that addresses the problem of aging: Thermi.  In medicine, it has been clear that radio frequency can be used to cauterize tissue, similar to what a laser can do.

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Thermi technology has improved the radiofrequency process in 2 ways:

  • Enabling the physician to set the energy level,
  • Monitoring of the skin and tissues’ temperature.

The goal of Thermi is to induce skin tightening.  When the energy is delivered, the temperature rises and causes coagulation of the protein and the collagen.

Benefits of Thermi:

  • The inflammatory response will cause collagen production as the healing continues.
  • This creates further tightening of the skin.
  • It is this gradual healing process that will continue to improve the results over the next 6 months.

What makes radio frequency treatment more attractive is the physician’s ability to monitor the temperature of the skin being treated.  The physician does so with 2 different processes, during treatment:

  1. Under the skin, the small probe contains a temperature sensor,
  2. At the skin, the temperature is externally monitored by yet another sensor system.

Procedure & Post-Op:

After careful marking, local anesthesia is used and the skin is washed.  A very specialized probe is placed under the skin, and the energy is applied.

With Thermi skin tightening technology, the temperature never goes above a set level of heat.  If it reaches a set level of heat, the machine automatically shuts off.  The physician is always ready to adjust accordingly.  Meantime, the assistant is always monitoring the surface skin temperature.

At post-op, a support garment is used and cooling patches are applied.  There are no sutures to be removed.  The skin tightening will occur progressively in the next 6 months.

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