When Can I Return to "Normal" activities after surgery?

Patients in general have many questions regarding the return to the normal life after surgery. 

The surgeon has two primary concerns: the first one avoidance of disruption of the surgical repair and the second one is avoiding bleeding.

We know from experience that patient can bleed up to three weeks after surgery so avoiding trauma to the surgical area is a requirement. A general rule is if the activity hurts then one should avoid the trauma.

In the face exerting too much pressure (like pushing hard during a bowel movement or lifting heavy objects) can cause a newly formed cloth in a cut vessel to be dislodged and localized bleeding would occur.

In general after facial surgery regular activity can be resumed at three weeks.

For facelift gentle sport like fast walking or treadmill or bicycling can be resumed at two weeks. Heavier sport activity should be delayed for a month.

In nose surgery, contact sport without protection is to be avoided for two months.

Intercourse and gentle sexual activity can be resumed at three weeks.

For body contouring the timing is the same. Garments are to be used at night for three weeks and three weeks just at night.

After abdominal plasty sit-up can be started at six weeks.

In breast implant surgery gentle massage of the breast is started with the first shower in order to form a loose capsule around the breast that will not be constricting the implant. A bra is recommended day and night for two months after the surgery and sports bra is to be used starting 10 days post operatively.

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