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Post-op care for otoplasty

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An essential aspect of otoplasty recovery involves several important steps. Immediately after the procedure, soft, bulky bandages are gently placed around the ears, providing a cushion for the recently operated ears. 

These bandages remain in position for a period of two to four days. Within the bandage, small tubes, one for each ear, are carefully positioned beneath the skin at the back of the ears to facilitate the drainage of any residual blood. This meticulous approach significantly minimizes the risk of bruising and allows patients to comfortably go without needing to cover their ears once the bandages are eventually removed.

The tubes are attached on the opposite end to plastic test tubes, creating the necessary aspiration. To ensure a smooth recovery during the otoplasty recovery process, these tubes are changed twice a day until the bandage is taken off. Once the bandage is removed, patients are free to wash their hair using soap and water. 

Additionally, they should apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment to the incisions behind the ears using a Q-tip. Importantly, post-surgery, the ears typically appear unaltered and do not require any additional covering or protection, as they are not usually exposed to potential trauma. The only time we recommend protecting the ears is during the night, for a duration of six weeks, using a bandana or a tennis band. Lastly, it’s important to note that while some sensitivity in the ears may persist for up to two months during the otoplasty recovery, this discomfort gradually subsides.




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