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How do we evaluate a patient for an Otoplasty procedure

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Examination of a patient presenting with protruding or prominent ears reveals that one of the important features is the incomplete vertical fold in the center of the ear. It is called the ante-helical fold. (The helix refers to the outer curvature of the ear and ante” means in front and so it is the fold in front of the outer curvature of the ear.) 


Accordingly proper correction involves maneuvers that will complete the formation of the anti-helical fold. In doing so the ear will appear more proportionate in size and the outer curvature of the ear is brought closer to the skull as you can see in our patients otoplasty before and photo.


Sometimes this maneuver is not sufficient to correct the ear deformity. So, looking at the ear from the back will uncover the next issue; it is the large “cupping “of the ear. Many procedures aim at rotating that cup towards the skull. I prefer resectioning the cartilage to a more acceptable size. In doing so I ensure that the deformity will not relapse. At times complete ear reshaping requires attention to the ear lobe as well to reach the desired result.




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