What Is A Bra Roll?

Bra roll is that extra fold that some people develop over time and usually with weight gain. It starts in the axilla (armpit ) and goes around to the scapula to the back. I agree that bra rolls are unattractive and they are frequently visible through the clothes.

In order to address the problem, we need to look at their composition. Most patients think that the folds are due to extra fat. While it is true in many cases, it is only partially made of fat and the rest is skin laxity. To make things worse, an inadequate bra compounds the problem by creating a deep crease.

I tell all my patients that liposuction will only correct 50% of the problem. For some the fold is so big that only a direct skin excision will address that bulge this is recommended when there has been significant weight loss and the skin has lost its elasticity.

Let us go over the bra issue. I find is that patients wear tight bras with thin horizontal straps. If they have large breast, they should use the appropriate bra for support. In my mind, a bra is made of three parts one is the cup where the breasts sit. Part two is the vertical straps lifting the breasts upward. Part three is the horizontal strap keeping the bra in place.

First the breast gland should fit properly in the cup. Second, the vertical strap should support the weight of the breast, and the horizontal strap is primarily to hold the cup against the chest wall. In patients who are suffering from a noticeable bulge called bra roll, that horizontal strap should be at least 8 cm in width in order to create a homogeneous pressure in the area and avoid indentation in the skin.

In conclusion to address the bra roll, first use the proper bra and it is not enough than liposuction partially corrects the problem, direct excision is reserved for severe weight loss sequela. I should mention that treatment with radio frequency energy has been used to tighten the skin at the time of liposuction, but it has not reached wide acceptance and popularity.
45 year old, female interested in correction of her bra roll. She was informed that Liposuction will only correct the fat but it cannot correctly redundant skin. This demonstrates exactly what happens It looks better but the problem is not completely resolved.
Patient had the Liposuction of the bra roll She obtained an acceptable result. This procedure never correct hundred percent the problem because of the extra skin.

The patient had previous liposuction of the area in order to correct the bra roll, She subsequently had a breast reduction but she was left with this extra tissue. The only answer was an excision. It gave us a satisfactory result and as time goes by this scars are fading nicely. 

Police officer had lost a significant amount of weight. The skin was getting constantly pinched by her police gear. It was respected. She’s seen with an acceptable result.

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