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Innovative Arm Lift Techniques: Redefining Scarring for Patients in Chicago 

When it comes to arm lift surgery, addressing excess skin and achieving well-contoured arms is a primary goal for patients in the Chicago suburbs. However, concerns about scarring can often hold them back. Dr. Makhlouf, a trusted and experienced plastic surgeon from Enhanced Form, has not only recognized these concerns but has gone the extra mile to resolve them for a significant number of patients.  

Redesigning Scarring for Optimal Results 

Dr. Makhlouf understands the importance of minimizing visible scars after an arm lift procedure. Traditionally, the standard Brachioplasty technique involves a large incision that runs along the inner arm’s length. While this approach effectively addresses the problem, the resulting scar can be a point of concern for many individuals. The thinness of the skin in this area can result in scars that are readily visible and may not meet patients’ aesthetic expectations.  

A New Approach to Scarring 

To address this issue, Dr. Makhlouf has introduced a new and innovative technique that redefines scarring for patients. The primary goal is to position the scar on the undersurface of the arm to make it less visible in both frontal and rear views, especially when the arm is elevated. This strategic placement of the scar significantly reduces its visibility, offering patients a more discreet and aesthetically pleasing outcome.


Minimized Yet Acceptable Scarring 

While the scar remains visible, it’s crucial to note that it is not very noticeable and is well accepted by patients. Dr. Makhlouf’s expertise in creating a more concealed scar has earned patient trust and satisfaction. The scar’s discreet placement and reduced visibility have positively impacted the overall experience for patients seeking arm lift surgery.  

National Recognition and Expertise 

Dr. Makhlouf’s innovative approach to scar reduction is not only appreciated by patients but has also gained national recognition. In 2011, Dr. Makhlouf was invited as a speaker at a national meeting in Denver, where he shared his groundbreaking work with peers in the field of plastic surgery. This recognition further attests to his commitment to advancing techniques that benefit his patients.  

Experience the Difference with Dr. Makhlouf 

Patients seeking arm lift surgery in Chicago can rest assured that they are in expert hands with Dr. Makhlouf at Enhanced Form. His dedication to refining the procedure, addressing patient concerns, and minimizing scarring is a testament to his commitment to patient satisfaction. With Dr. Makhlouf, you can experience the transformative power of arm lift surgery without the worry of conspicuous scarring. 

Ready to embark on your journey to beautifully contoured arms with minimal scarring? Contact Dr.. Makhlouf and Enhanced Form today to schedule a consultation and discover the innovative solutions he offers. 




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