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Understanding Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Understanding otoplasty: Reshaping ear for enhanced confidence

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When reflecting on patients who underwent otoplasty, I have observed a significant number of individuals in their 40s and older, opting for the procedure. This suggests that the deformity such as protruding ears is not easily accepted and individuals will seek ear reshaping to gain enhanced confidence.

The analysis of protruding ears. 

The assessment of ear deformity requires a careful analysis to reach a personalized treatment plan. First, I evaluate the anti-helical fold which is the natural fold in the center of the ear. It is essential to assess its completeness. Second, I evaluate what I refer to as the “cup” of the ear as an excessively large cup will result in the outer edge of the ear being pushed away from the skull. When addressing the cup of the year, it is often necessary to correct the rotation of the ear lobe as well.  While otoplasty is generally a safe procedure, like any surgery, it carries some potential risks such as infection, scarring, or uneven results. Rest assured, our experienced team at Enhanced Form takes every precaution to minimize these risks, and your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. 

If you are considering otoplasty, I encourage you to consult with our office to discuss your specific desired result. Together we will create a personalized treatment to help you achieve the desired result in ear reshaping and improved ear aesthetics. 


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