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At our Chicago area practice, nose surgery or rhinoplasty can be a rewarding procedure for our patients because of the natural-looking but dramatic results.  Dr Makhlouf is a talents and board certified plastic surgeon who can create the the most flattering results for your individual face shape.
Some of the issues Dr. Makhlouf can address are: breathing difficulties, a crooked nose, a nose which is overly large or disproportionate, an overly arched nose, and a nose with a bump or ridge.  For more information or to schedule a consultation contact our office today.


With over 25 years of Cosmetic Surgery experience, Dr. Makhlouf has performed a great number of Plastic Surgery Procedures. When choosing a Plastic Surgeon to perform your procedure, it is important to look at previous examples of every Surgeon’s work. In some cases, photos can be seen in online photo galleries and other times you can view the photos during your consultation. Dr. Makhlouf is proud of the work he does and encourages all prospective clients to view his before and after photo gallery.

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