What is Telangiectasia? 

Telangiectasia is thin, fine, spider-like blood vessels that can appear all over the body. They are most common on the face and legs. Telangiectasia develops as blood vessels begin to weaken, break and dilate. There is no known cause for telangiectasia but many factors can contribute to developing them such as sun exposure, pregnancy, genetics, alcohol consumption and age. 

There are various treatments for telangiectasia like make-up, sclerotherapy. This modality involves the use of a thin needle to penetrate the blood vessel and injection of a chemical that burns the blood vessel and causes it to scar down. We offer laser treatments because it is faster,  less painful, safer and produces less scarring.  


How does it work? 

Our laser delivers an intense pulse of energy to the blood vessel that is absorbed by the red blood cell, this in turn  will damage and break down the blood vessel. Because it is a laser it is more accurate than other modalities and there is no risk of extravasation of a chemical in the skin.  


How often will you need treatment? 

Treatments can vary between 1-3 sessions. 


It is painful? 

There is minimal to no pain. After a session is completed there is need for downtime or the use of compression socks. Some patients report itching during the treatment.