Breast Reduction


Women with very large breasts may experience numerous emotional and physical problems resulting from the excessive weight of the breasts. The physical symptoms may include neck and back pain, as well as, deep shoulder strap grooving from bras. Many patients share with us being self-conscious and having a negative body image.

Breast reduction surgery creates a smaller, lighter, and firmer breast by removing skin, fat and reshaping glandular tissue. This creates a breast that is better shaped, proportional to a woman’s body, and in a more ideal position.

Patient Education & Expectations

Patients on whom we have performed breast reductions have been invariably happy with the youthful appearance they receive. The relief from the backache and shoulder ache and the absence of constant heaviness gives them the freedom to become involved in physical pursuits such as dancing and various sports and outdoor activities.

The scars from a breast reduction are usually peri-areolar, there will always be a vertical component and, most of the time, a horizontal component. This is because when the breasts have enlarged, they have gotten larger in both vertical and horizontal directions and tightening the skin will usually result in those scars.

There are specific landmarks that are used to set the breasts in the proper anatomic position, namely the clavicle and the inframammary fold. The inframammary fold is the fold between the chest and upper abdomen and the breast itself. The nipple should be located at or just slightly above that fold. Dr. Makhlouf has learned that patients do not like the breast tissue on the lateral aspect of the chest and underneath the armpit area. He strives to remove as much as possible of this tissue either by suctioning it or direct excision. He takes the utmost care in marking the patient in the sitting or standing position is a key feature and ensures a positive outcome. It is done before the patient is taken to the operating room.

Breast Reduction Procedure

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and frequently is an outpatient procedure. Many patients go home the same day, some stay overnight for “24 hours” stay and go home the day after. In the majority of cases, no drains are placed allowing the patient to shower the morning after surgery.

The final shape of the breast is visible around two months.  Following up with patients years after the initial procedure, Dr. Makhlouf has noticed that the shape they have at two months is generally the shape they keep. Gravity and stretching may still occur, but the initial improvement is rarely lost. With Dr. Makhlouf, this is a very rewarding procedure and we encourage you to call for a consultation.

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Patient had 485 grams of breast tissue removed from the right breast and 460 grams removed from the left breast. Post-operative photos were taken 4 months after surgery.