Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation in Chicago

So you are planning breast augmentation—congratulations! One of the safest breast procedures in cosmetic surgery.

You will soon join hundreds of thousands of women each year who choose to enhance their figure with this safe, straightforward procedure.

Breast augmentation procedures in Chicago or Des Plaines is a rewarding experience. Dr. Vincent Makhlouf, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is known for the results he achieves and for his compassionate, caring approach. The entire team is dedicated to helping you understand every aspect of the surgery, assisting you with decisions, and addressing your concerns every step of the way.

Dr. Makhlouf and his staff invite you to explore this page for breast augmentation patients. Then take a look at the menus above and then take the next step and schedule time to come in and meet with him. Use the contact us form or call 847-297-8001.

Year after year, breast augmentation ranks number one or number two in terms of plastic surgery popularity across the country.  Today, the procedure is routine and safe, and women are almost always very pleased with the result.  Patients tend to seek breast enhancement in Chicago to restore their figure after pregnancy, create the shapely look Mother Nature denied, or remedy a breast problem.


Breast Augmentation with Silicone Implants








This patient has a 300cc saline implant placed under the muscle.


Breasts play a key role in a woman’s self-image.  Size, shape, position and other characteristics are outward signals of good health, vitality, and femininity.  That is one reason thousands of patients across the country choose breast augmentation surgery each year. We can enhance a woman’s figure with fat transfer when subtle changes are desired. Today, however, breast implants remain superior for creating generous curves in one straightforward procedure.

Dr. Makhlouf works with a number of different implants to create a beautiful, natural look for each individual. Developing the surgical strategy and procedures for each patient begins during the consultation.  That is when options such as implant* size, projection and filling are discussed, as well as implant location and incisions.  The details are finalized during a pre-op appointment with Dr. Makhlouf. Most breast augmentation surgeries take place in an outpatient setting under general anesthesia.  We can operate with intravenous sedation as well.

This patient had 430 cc silicone implant placed above the muscle.


A typical procedure takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete.  The procedure is safe and straightforward, especially in the hands of Dr. Vincent Makhlouf. Women can expect to experience mild to moderate discomfort during initial recovery with most reporting soreness and a feeling of tightness.

Medication is prescribed for each patient, and most find they don’t need it after a day or two.  Many of our Chicago breast augmentation patients return to work after just a week off.

Women seek breast augmentation to enhance small breasts, restore volume lost due to childbearing, correct asymmetry or address other issues.  Breast augmentation can be performed as part of a mommy makeover—usually coupled with a tummy or tuck liposuction please see the blog on this topic*—and it can also be combined with other procedures for the right patient. Silicone breast implants are available as well as saline implants.   Read more about the advantages of each type and about the various measurements we consider in finding just the right fit.

When you are considering breast augmentation in Chicago or Des Plaines with Dr. Vincent Makhlouf, your initial consultation is a very important visit. We look forward to getting to know you and addressing all your questions and concerns, so we ask you to set aside enough time for an in-depth appointment. We also hope you will come with an open mind so we may discuss issues and opportunities you might not have considered. Your consultation will be an experience that is uniquely your own.

Dr. Makhlouf will ask to hear about your goals, and he will examine you, take measurements and note his observations. Then it will be time for an open, honest dialogue between the two of you about what can be accomplished. Dr. Makhlouf will explain all your options including types of implants available, size considerations, incisions, implant placement and more. His goal is to educate you so you can make informed decisions. If you are ready to move forward with breast enhancement surgery, we will schedule you for a preoperative visit where we will review the surgical plan in detail and give you information about preparation and recovery. If you want to think things over, you can opt for a second consultation, which is complimentary. Be assured that we do not consider your initial consultation as an opportunity for a sales pitch.  Rather, we see your visit as the setting for a key information exchange.  It is not just an educational experience; it is also the way for you to evaluate whether you and Dr. Makhlouf are a good match.  It is important to him to know that you trust him to do his best for you.  That is why most of your time here will be spent directly with Dr. Makhlouf.

You are making an important decision and you deserve to take your time. Over the years, Dr. Makhlouf has worked with a large number of women planning breast enhancement in the Chicago area. If you would like to meet him, fill out our short contact form or call us at 847-297-8001.

Preparing for Surgery

There is a reason there are so many sayings and warning about being prepared because it is one of the most important aspects of life. It helps make sure a new experience goes smoothly and surgery is no exception.

That is why we spend time with all our breast augmentation patients from Des Plaines, Chicago, and everywhere else to ensure they have all the information required to prepare for their surgery. You will understand every detail you need to know—from the medical aspects of surgery to simple ideas that promote a relaxing recovery. When you choose breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Makhlouf, you will be ready.

Here is a general timeline covering the experience:

Two Weeks Before Surgery:

  • Your pre-op visit with Dr. Makhlouf will take place one or two weeks before surgery.  You both will settle the final details of your procedure, paying special attention to confirming your choice of implant.  We will also review your medical history, issue prescriptions, and give you detailed instructions for before and after surgery.  This is also an opportunity for you to ask any remaining questions you have.

A Few Days Before Surgery

  • We advise finalizing your list of supporters well before the “big day.”  This includes someone to take you home after surgery and stay with you the first night.  You may want to have some help at home for a day or two—more if you have children and pets to care for.
  • Be sure to fill prescriptions a few days before your procedure.
  • This is also a good time to invest in preparing your home for your return.  Many people do a good cleaning before surgery, have fresh sheets on the bed, and plenty of pillows around which is a good idea.  You should also have food on hand that’s easy to prepare, and a stack of books, magazines, and movies.

The Night Before Surgery

  • We will provide antibacterial soap and ask you to use it when you shower the night before and the morning of your procedure.  We will also provide medication you can take the night before to reduce anxiety if needed.
  • On the morning of your breast augmentation, we will ask you to avoid makeup and lotion and remove all your jewelry.  Dress in loose clothing and leave valuables at home.  This is a time to let us take care of you!

There are other important steps to get ready for breast augmentation in Chicago or Des Plaines with us, including managing any medications you may be taking, making sure you have the right bras for your post-op period, and more. 

Breast Augmentation Procedure

When your big day arrives, you are likely to feel excited and just a little bit nervous.  Do not worry!  We have worked with thousands of Chicagoland breast augmentation patients over the years, and we will be ready to help you feel confident and relaxed headed into the operating suite.

You will meet Dr. Makhlouf in the pre-operative area. He will mark the skin where your incisions will be made and where the implants need to be placed. He will start you on intravenous antibiotics.  Next, you will go to the operating room where after you are asleep your chest will be “painted” with antiseptic and a massaging device will be placed on your legs to boost circulation.  You will be given a local anesthetic to reduce discomfort during initial recovery and minimize bleeding around the surgery site.

Surgery itself is performed in three stages.

Stage One

Dr. Makhlouf first creates pockets for the breast implants, following the markings made just prior to surgery.  When the dissection is complete, temporary sizers of the volume you and Dr. Makhlouf have chosen are placed.

Stage Two

While you’re asleep, the surgical team will set you up and check your overall look, paying close attention to how well the breast pockets accommodate the sizers.  Adjustments are made if needed.  Sutures are placed and left untied so we can avoid using sharp instruments near the implants.

At this point, the temporary sizers are removed and the pocket created is checked to ensure there is no undue bleeding.  Then, your breast pockets will be rinsed with saline solution and then with an antibiotic solution.

Stage Three

During the third phase of breast augmentation surgery, we employ our “no touch” technique.  Dr. Makhlouf changes his gloves, soaks the implants in an antiseptic solution and checks their integrity.  He is the only one who touches your implants—this helps avoid any possible contamination.

After easing the implants into place, Dr. Makhlouf ties the pre-positioned deep sutures, then closes the incision and seals it with surgical tape.

After Surgery

When your breast augmentation is complete, the surgical team will put on a soft, supportive bra that opens in the front for your convenience.  Then you will be taken you to the recovery room.  You will be monitored closely, and we will be there when you awaken. Then you will be sent home to rest when you are ready.

Light to moderate swelling and bruising are typical during the initial recovery.  You will have prescription medication to take if you need it, but most patients report just minimal discomfort.  You can plan to return to daily life in a few days to a week, gradually adding more strenuous activities.

If breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Makhlouf sounds straightforward, it is.  The procedure is usually completed quickly, and complications are rare.

These are some of the questions we field most often in our Des Plaines and Chicago breast augmentation consultations.  Read through our list, then come to your appointment prepared with a list of your own.

Will I be able to breastfeed after breast augmentation?
Will I lose nipple sensation?
How can I be sure I will look natural after surgery?
What if I want extra large implants?
Are silicone implants really safe?
Why do many women get implants when having a breast lift?

Ready for a Consultation?

If you are in need of relief, please give us a call: 847.297.8001, or we can call you back if you provide your details.  Check out our previous tummy tuck surgeries in our photo gallery.

  • Before-Front
    Before Front After
  • Before-Side
    Before Side After

A 27 year old female interested in breast enhancement. 350 cc gel implants were placed under the breast and on top of the muscle. The breasts are nice and soft and the implants cannot be palpated.

  • Before-Front
    Before Front After
  • Before-Side
    Before Side After

Eager to enhance her breasts, this 43-year old female from Chicago decided to obtain breast augmentation with Silicone implants. 430 cc of silicone implants were placed behind her breast, providing her with a very natural contour.

  • Before-Front
    Before Front After
  • Before-Side
    Before Side After

450cc implants were placed in a submuscular position. Note how natural the breasts look post-operatively.

  • Before-Front
    Before Front After
  • Before-Side
    Before Side After

Patient is a 20-year-old female with inverted nipples, she underwent breast augmentation using 300cc implants that were placed submuscularly through an inframmamary incision and the inversion of the nipples was corrected.